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Supporting Our Veterans

Charles M. Baker devoted 11 years of his retirement years to helping create wealth in the veteran community. When Mr. Baker started working with the veteran community, only .005% of government contracts was awarded to veterans totaling less than $2.5 Billion. Today, $25 Billion is being spent in the veteran community.


Impact on the small business community:

— Fast Pay 15-day

— Prime & Subcontracts

  • Veterans and other SB businesses get paid faster as a direct result of Mr. Baker's impact

  • Mandatory reservation under $250K exclusively reserved for Small Business (not utilized before)

  • Parity over 250K the social economic groups go before total small businesses on set-asides

  • Rule of two is mandatory under supreme court decision

  • Aldvera vets first protest

  • Kingdomware Supreme Court makes rule of two mandatory at VA

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