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MCB delivers a wide variety of complex mechanical equipment
and services. 


Example: MCB delivered and installed equipment for a 1,000 ton cooling system utilizing five 200 ton chillers. The chiller system provides capacity for eight zones, 550 GPM at 59 degrees.


MCB has a partnership with P1-Group and is a direct distributor of TraneYork, and Siemens Building Technology and automation productsAdditionally, the complex mechanical system was created by MCB to provide Lookheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics an extremely complex 8-output cooling system. This 8-output cooling system required different pressure and temperatures for an array of test systems all coming from one source – an unprecedented accomplishment. MCB also included sustainability and energy reductions with high-efficiency chillers in the system and by designing a fan system which could reduce the operational cost by additional 30%. 

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