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Acquisition Support


  • Executive Coaching 
    Need a game changing leadership experience?  Work one-on-one with a confidant and thinking partner. There is a reason that many, if not most CEOs and Senior Leaders in successful organizations, have Executive Coaches. It works!

  • FAR Training 
    The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the primary “rule book” for Federal Contracting.  If you and your team need to gain basic insight and understanding into the FAR and how it directly impacts your company’s ability to succeed as a government contractor and/or subcontractor, FAR overview training is for you; depth and length of the class will be tailored to your organization’s need.

  • COR Training 
    Who is a Contracting Officer Representative (COR)?  What are their roles and responsibilities?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions, but feel you should, this COR overview class is for you. Through discussions and examples learn that an engaged and competent COR, operating on behalf of the Contracting Officer and in sync with the Customer and the Contractor, is often a major contributor for successful contract completion.


Pricing: $300.00 per hour (plus travel and per diem, if applicable)
Marcia Richard, Senior Learning & Development Professional/Executive Coach

(click here to view Marcia's resume)

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